UNITED KINGDOM - The UK government is fast tracking HS2 with world class HSR service to the north of the country.  More info

CHINA - In addition to opening the world's longest single high speed rail line recently (more than 1,400 miles long), one of China's other recently opened high speed rail lines has carried record numbers of passengers.  The Beijing-Shanghai high speed line has now carried 100 million passengers in a very short time!   More info

FRANCE - A new super low cost high speed rail service has been launched in France.  Called "the best high-speed rail deal in the world" by SNCF's president.  More info

MALAYSIA - A new cooperation between Singapore and Malaysia has announced a new HSR link to be built connecting Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.  More info 

ITALY - The new privately owned railway NTV is continuing to expand to more cities across Italy and the trains have been very popular with the traveling public.  More info

SPAIN - The French Connection has opened!  A new connection has been opened in the north of Spain linking the nation's high speed rail network with France's.  This now makes it possible for fast, easy travel between Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, and beyond seamlessly.  More info
New York and Chicago Railroad
Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Records
100 mlllion Pessenger Trips
March 1, 2013  China's high-speed railway line linking Beijing and Shanghai has recorded over 100 million passenger trips since it started operation in June 2011.  More info

The 1,318-km / 818 miles railway (= New York to Chicago) has shortened the travel time between the two major cities to about five hours.

In China trains are the most commonly used vehicles for the country's long-distance travellers.
Report Compiled by the US High Speed Rail Association
High Speed Rail Is 
Booming Everywhere!   
High Speed Rail is being built and/or expanded in every major industrialized nation in the world... America needs to get moving to stay competitive, and to have fast, convenient, efficient ways to more around the country!
HSR is currently in operation in more than 20 countries (including the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan). HSR is under construction in more than 10 countries (including China, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, and Italy); and in development in another 14 countries (including Qatar, Morocco, Russia, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, India, Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil). HSR has been in operation in Japan for 50 years carrying more than 9 billion passengers without a single fatality.