New High Speed Train to Olympics at 184 mph, 400 Passengers Each, 21,000 Passengers Each Day 
A new high speed train line links South Korean Capital Seoul and 2018 Winter Olympic hub PyeongChang in 69 minutes (just over 70 miles). The new line will allow trains to travel at up to 300kph (184mph). The line is 113.7 kilometres long and will have ten trains with 15 carriages each running on it. Each train will reportedly be based on the French TGV model and be 201 metres (659 ft) in total length with capacity for 400 passengers.

The fastest speed reached by a bobsleigh is 201 kmh (125 mph), or about half that of a high speed train.
A luge attains a top a top speed of about 85 mph
New York and Chicago Railroad
High Speed Travel by Train @ 220 mph