The fastest speed reached by a bobsleigh is 93 mph, or about half that of a high speed train.
China's new high-speed, self-driving railway system can produce train speeds as fast as 217 miles per hour.
New York and Chicago Railroad
High Speed Travel by Train @ 220 mph
"said to be the world’s first intelligent and autonomous high-speed train"

The eight-car EMU can carry 564 people.

The state-run China Railway Corporation opened the country's first high-speed line just 14 years ago, but the network has since expanded at a remarkable rate and become a major source of national pride.

According to state media, China has laid 40,000 km (24,854 miles) of domestic high-speed railway, dwarfing all other nations, and it plans to add another 1,400 km (870 miles) by the end of 2022.

The train can scan up to 14 kilometres (8.6 miles) ahead to probe for any abnormal intrusions on the tracks.

This new generation of smart EMUs also stands a good chance of upgrading China’s existing domestic bullet train fleet, the world’s largest, numbering at 4,000.