Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway is once again world’s fastest train
eTN, Global Travel News, by Chief Assignment Editor 
September 22, 2017

The new bullet train operating between Shanghai and Beijing has broken the speed record for a passenger service by traveling at 350 kilometers per hour (217.5 miles per hour). 

The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway once again became the world’s fastest train after it being limited to 300 kph (186.5 miles per hour) six years age, reports China Daily.

The train called Fuxing, or rejuvenation in Chinese, offers features such as power outlets, USB ports, and free WiFi.

“These trains are so popular that the tickets for today’s services sold out a week ago,” Huang Xin, an official with China Railway Corporation (CR), said Thursday.

The railway connecting the Chinese capital in the north with the major business hub in the south sees about 100 million passengers a year.

The new train completes the 1,200-kilometer (745 miles) journey in just under four-and-a-half hours. The previous generation of trains did it in six hours.

“The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway was built to the world’s highest standards, and the Fuxing trains were designed to run at a maximum speed of 350 kph. Operating the Fuxing on this route at a speed of 350 kph is without question in terms of safety, reliability, and comfort,” said Lu Dongfu, CR general manager.

China has sold its high-speed trains to Indonesia, Russia, Iran, and India, according to the daily.
Developers claim the Fuxing trains can be used in extreme climates, making them more competitive on the global market.

China’s Shanghai - Beijing route is comparable to 
Chicago - New York
world’s fastest train at 350 kilometers per hour
in just under four-and-a-half hours
sees about 100 million passengers a year